Everest Collegiate High School & Academy

Standardized Testing

Stanford 10 Achievement Test
The Stanford 10 is one of the leading standardized tests utilized by school districts in the United States for assessing children from kindergarten through high school. The test is available in 13 levels that roughly correspond to the year in school. Each level of the test is broken into subtests or strands covering various subjects such as reading comprehension, mathematical problem solving, and science. The Stanford 10 allows educators and parents to understand where their students are proficient and where they need additional instruction.

High School Placement Test
This years Detroit High School Placement Testing is quickly approaching. It is highly recommended that students test on the first available date, Saturday, November 21st.
Register online at: http://detroit.stsusers.com/



Everest Collegiate High School students are prepared to take the following standerdized tests:

9th Grade: The Explorer Test

10th Grade: The PLAN

11th Grade: The PSATThe Michigan Merit Examthe ACT,  and the SAT

12th Grade:   Optional retake of the ACT and the SAT


Everest Collegiate ACT Scores:

2014 Michigan Average: 20.1

2014 National Average: 21.0

2014 Everest Collegiate High School Average: 25.9